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To empower our children to be the skilled learners and leaders for a successful future.


Miftah Said

Mumin Hasan

Ahmed Mohamed

 Siraj Ibro 

Hunda Gada 

Umer Ibro


Our goal is to establish a platform where parents and children can collaborate to develop essential skills and leadership qualities that will lead to a prosperous future. We also strive to provide assistance to the most vulnerable refugees, sponsoring them and ensuring their proper resettlement in Canada. Additionally, we are committed to advocating for the rights of marginalized social groups, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or religion.

Oromia is an epicenter in Ethiopia where almost all nations and nationalities co-existed in peace and harmony for many centuries.

Africa the regions from which many of our clients originate, have been plagued by years of conflict and devastation. Our community members have endured an immense amount of violence, destruction, and hardship. Many of our clients are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, a debilitating condition that often follows exposure to such traumatic events.

Furthermore, most of our community members have fled refugee camps due to persistent mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion. Though they have resettled in urban centers in Canada, they were raised in rural regions in their homelands. This transition can be jarring, and many of our community members are struggling to adapt to the changes.

In light of these challenges, we believe that our community would benefit greatly from traditional healing methods to address the traumas of migration and displacement. Culturally sensitive adult literacy programs, language classes directed by their ethnolinguistic community, and programs that empower working culture, economic and family management, computer and financial literacies, and cross-cultural awareness are all needed to support their integration into Canadian society.

We also response to natural disasters around the world  like earthquake happened to Syria and Turkey , and many Africa countries helping areas affected drought and famine. 


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