Welcome To United Eastern Oromia

Empower our children to be the skilled learners and leaders for a successful future

Helping, teaching, support and sponsoring refugees to Canada

Who We Are


Our goal is to establish a platform where parents and children can collaborate to develop essential skills and leadership qualities that will lead to a prosperous future. We also strive to provide assistance to the most vulnerable refugees, sponsoring them and ensuring their proper resettlement in Canada. Additionally, we are committed to advocating for the rights of marginalized social groups, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or religion.

We also response to natural disasters around the world  like earthquake happened to Syria and Turkey , and many Africa countries helping areas affected drought and famine. 

What We Do


Our services help support family recreation services in Canada, particularly for children’s activities such as summer sports. We also aim to teach children good manners and provide assistance in response to natural disasters that occur in Canada, our home country, and around the world. In addition, we offer support to refugees in various refugee camps, including financial aid, sponsor refugees to come to Canada, and assist them with settlement services. Lastly, we strive to practice our cultures here in Canada and pass on these traditions to our children.


Effective communication between different groups is crucial for achieving success. Our goal is to overcome the obstacles of discrimination, language barriers, and cultural differences to facilitate meaningful social integration. We extend our services to support the refugee and newcomer communities, fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding as they adjust to their new home in Canada. We prioritize providing support to new families, empowering children, youth, and parents to take an active role in the well-being of others and become valuable members of society. Through our efforts, we hope to build a more inclusive and cohesive community that celebrates diversity and promotes unity.


The United Eastern Oromia Association of Canada has a responsibility to sponsor individuals regardless of their nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics. Upon arrival, refugees have the legal right to work, but language barriers can prevent them from doing so. Therefore, our association assists newcomers in enrolling in English classes to gain the necessary language skills to work, integrate into Canadian society, and learn about local customs.

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