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Most young immigrants from East Africa came to Canada as refugees, having endured significant hardships and traumas in refugee camps. Separation from family and cultural displacement can lead to increased stress and difficulty adjusting to life in Canada. Education is also a significant challenge, as many children and youth have had limited access to schooling and face language barriers, interrupted education, and cultural differences in Canadian schools. Parents also struggle with their children’s education due to language barriers and cultural differences. Living in poverty is common, leading to overcrowded housing and exposure to crime and drugs. Immigrant youth also face the challenge of managing the many choices available in Canadian society. Mentors can play a crucial role in helping youth build decision-making skills and alleviate associated anxiety. Unfortunately, many youth are unable to continue their formal education and end up in low-paying jobs or the informal economy due to these challenges.


The United Eastern Oromia Association of Canada has a responsibility to sponsor individuals regardless of their nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics. Upon arrival, refugees have the legal right to work, but language barriers can prevent them from doing so. Therefore, our association assists newcomers in enrolling in English classes to gain the necessary language skills to work, integrate into Canadian society, and learn about local customs. It is also our responsibility to ensure that refugees receive documentation confirming their enrollment in certified English language classes. Once refugees have sufficient English skills, they can work part-time while still enrolled in full-time English training classes. Sponsors must continue to provide support to refugees working during their first year of sponsorship, in accordance with government guidelines designed to protect refugees and ensure that sponsors fulfill their obligations.


We offer educational support to elementary and secondary school students through tutoring and educational resources. Our program is staffed by qualified teachers and nine other educators, as well as many dedicated volunteers who contribute to the program’s success. In addition to providing academic support, our Advancement of Education program also aims to raise public awareness about the importance of education. Many newcomers have limited education and may not understand the value of schooling. Our program helps improve academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, prevent dropouts, and create a safe and structured environment for students. It also fosters stronger relationships between students, parents, and school administrators, helping to bridge any communication gaps.


Our services help support family recreation services in Canada, particularly for children’s activities such as summer sports. We also aim to teach children good manners and provide assistance in response to natural disasters that occur in Canada, our home country, and around the world. In addition, we offer support to refugees in various refugee camps, including financial aid, sponsor refugees to come to Canada, and assist them with settlement services. Lastly, we strive to practice our cultures here in Canada and pass on these traditions to our children.

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